• Opening the Going-To-The-Sun Road

    Thursday, April 19th, 2012

    Glacier National Park officially placed June 15, 2012 on the calendar as the date for opening the Going to the Sun Road (GTSR) to automobile traffic. Now, if you know one thing about Glacier Park, it’s that access and weather are always unpredictable. The weather from one day to the next offers unique challenges and sometimes even causes us to changes our plans, but that’s what adventure is all about, right! The cool thing is that stunning images, and great experiences can be found in Glacier National Park Year-round. You don’t have to wait for the GTSR to open to enjoy the splendor of North America’s crown jewel located in the Heart of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, Glacier National Park.

    Knowing exactly when the GTSR will open is pure guesswork. The Park service needs a date for planning purposes, as do you. But predicting the opener of the GTSR is like trying to forecast when and where a tornado is going to hit - well, maybe not that elusive, but close.  The Sun Road will open this summer sometime in late June or early July depending on mother nature. Exactly when that will be is still worth a guess. If I were you, I would never let that date stop you from making plans to visit this Park, whenever you have the time. The shoulder season are really where it’s at! There is so much to see and do that you could not possibly do it all in one trip, even if the GTSR were closed!

    So lets play a game. I’m going give away a copy of the 2010 Glacier Park centennial book, “The First 100 years,” By Guthrie and a signed print of the cover, to the person who guesses closest to the opening day and time. Why that book, because it’s the best history book on the subject of Glacier National Park, and because I shot the cover as well as many of the modern color photos on the inside!  I will personally sign the book fold, and the print, and mail them to the winner - the book retails for $50, and the print is $55, and I’m shipping it for free!
    Glacier Park first 100 years

    Here’s how it will work. The person that guesses nearest to the actual day and time the road will open will win the book, and a signed Tony Bynum print of the cover image - you can’t beat that! In order to win though, you must post a comment with your guess, on the Tony Bynum Photography page on Facebook (share a photo of glacier park too if you have one). I’ll have a post with a photo of the book, post your guess in that thread! As soon as the road opens, I’ll announce the winner on Facebook, my www.tonybynum.com/blog, on www.glacierparkphotographer.com and here on Glacier Park Central Reservations.

    In the meantime, if you have other interests in the Park and its many photographic opportunities, let me know! I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Or, if you are already a “glacier park photographer,” and want to guest post to my glacier-park-photographer blog, I’d love to have you! 

    Click here (National Park Service site) for the complete story, and updated information about the Going to the Sun Road. 

    Thank you,

    Tony Bynum

    Blog post from Glacier National Park


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