• Summer in Glacier Country - Wildlife and Glacier Lilies!

    Thursday, July 26th, 2012

    What could be better than heading up the Many Glacier Valley to look for wildlife? How about heading up to Logan Pass to look at snow and glacier lilies!!!!!!!  Yep, summer’s officially begun in Glacier Country! The opening of the Logan Pass always attracts a lot of attention. I don’t really know why it’s such a big deal, since it’s always gray and cold during the first few days, and this year’s opener did not disappoint - cold, snow, fog - classic Logan pass! 

    The entire Sun Road officially opened with cloudy skies and cold wet and foggy conditions on June 19th at about noon. While most of the country’s feeling the heat, some escape that heat by heading to Logan Pass on Glacier’s going to the sun Highway. I suggest you do the same!  Keep in mind that the parking lot is full early, so consider leaving the driving to the National Park Service, or a vendor, there are two, Glacier Park Incorporated runs the Jammers - the red buses - and my favorite if you want more local lore - Sun Tours owned and operated by Ed DeRosier, a local Blackfeet tribal member. You’ll see a lot more if you’re staring out the window rather than trying to watch the sharp curves and narrow lanes along the way.

    going to the sun road glacier national park

    If you’re on the east side and get hungry, check out Two Sisters for a great burger and pie.  The truth is, burgers are not all made alike, check out the food and great atmosphere at the Two Sisters Cafe north of Saint Mary, MT and few miles before Babb. MT. The food is fantastic, and people are always happy to share local knowledge and the pie. Is the pie any good? You’ll just have to stop in and try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! 

    Right now, middle elevation areas around two medicine and Many Glacier are in full bloom.  We’ve had an average to above average spring with rainfalls and cool days helping to bring the vegetation to life. The fields of red and purples and blues and whites are amazing! 

    wild flowers glacier national park

    On your way up to Logan Pass from Saint Mary, be sure to stop and take in the scenic overlook of Wild Goose Island in Saint Mary Lake, it’s one of our Nation’s top National Park scenic treasures and scene is recognized around the world . . . 

    (time lapse goes here - it’s a youtube video, check the link - it would be nice to have it embedded and a link if possible)

    Here’s to a great trip to Glacier National Park this summer! 

    “We should come home from adventures, perils, and discoveries every day with a new experience and character.”  - Henry David Thoreau -

    To see more great photos of Glacier National Park, and Blackfeet Country visit http://www.tonybynum.com, visit Tony Bynum Photography on facebook or check out my blog at http://www.glacierparkphotographer.com

    Thank you!

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